Who are the opinion leaders of your Company?

written by Nekki US on August 1, 2017

Internal Correspondents

Comunicación Interna

Internal correspondents have become a key piece for internal communication strategies. Working with them means having an ally in your Company but, who are they? and, who are the chosen ones?

Internal communication has won an important space in a Company’s daily tasks. To generate a good work climate and a sense of belonging for its employees is everyone’s goal.

There are many tools to reach this, but the structure of internal correspondents has become the new tendency. Who are called up to be part of this are those whose characteristics include: credibility in front of their coworkers, good interpersonal communication and an active relationship with different departments of the Company.

Amongst their functions they represent their coworkers on relevant subjects, they’re the link between bosses and employees and they create different ways of communication such as info bulletins and reports that succeed in fluid communication between the Company such as cascading communication a strategy many Companies struggle to implement.

This is a service employees make ad honorem, so it’s necessary to recognize their important place in the organization: it must be empowering to them and they must become thought leaders for their companions. This job must not be seen as a work load but as an important responsibility and recognition.

Which are the benefits of having internal correspondents?

  • Organizational culture is spread amongst employees
  • An indicator of the effectivity of communication strategy we are executing
  • Participative communication
  • Good working relationships are supported by methodology and institutionalization
  • Relevant information for the working sector and higher ups are combined

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