Which social platform does your Company really need?

written by Nekki US on August 13, 2017


From a few years on sells and brand positioning have centered on the internet and the different platforms offered to us. All Companies want to be present on all social platforms. But that doesn’t always work well, considering that every brand has its public objective, functions, and purposes. Social media has those same necessities and aren’t designed to satisfy everyone’s necessities.

Here’s a list of all the main social media and its characteristics so you know how to recognize the ideal platform for your business:

1.- Linkedin: This is the star tool of professionals and companies. If you want direct contact between you, the brand and potential clients this is not the platform for you because this will help you create a web of contacts of professionals and know the work experience of your possible collaborators.

2.- Facebook: It’s maybe, the most recognizable on this list, and with good reason since it has more than 1,400 millions of users. For this platform keep in mind Facebook is thought for moments of leisure, so the content you upload must be quick and valuable. We advise you to have an Facebook account either way because its the first place clients look up their favorite brands.

3.- Youtube: Videos, youtubers, and many many views. These are the three basic elements you must know about this social platform. If your brand works with visual content, this platform is perefect for you. Yout product will be able to be seen graphically and in an attractive manner, depending on the team you put to showcase your prouct.

4.- Twitter: The key for the platform with the blue bird is fast information and engaged users. You must put information in a precise and clear manner, keeping in mind you to generate fluid content and various daily posts. Informative content, dates, schedules and places are ideal as well as interesting fire rapid opinions.

5.- Instagram: Images, videos and more images. With hashtags, filters and stickers, Instagram has positioned itself on the internet as the most effective way to share images. The idea is to shre pictures about live moments, so, instantenously. This platform is recommended for companies with a high number of visual content and the will to interact with clients.

6.- Pinterest: Even thought the majority of tis users are womn, there are many brands, of all listings that are using it. Why? Pinterest offers you the best way to organize your images and photographs. With its album modality creating a campaign is easy to analyze and see how its working.

7.- Google+: Although its known as Google’s biggest failure, there’s no reason to look down on this platform, since it has many users, young professionals in its majority, an attractive audience for companies. Probably, its functions aren’t so diverse like other platforms, but Google+ does deliver you something no other can: helping you be the first result on the search bar.

It’s time to wake your business to the digital world. Contact us and lets build together the social media that you need. Write to us at info@nekki.cl We’re waiting for you!




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