The Ten Laws for 2.0 Communication

written by Nekki US on August 4, 2017

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From a shoe store to the Vatican. Everyone’s using Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to contact people and increase their following. Even so, having a big presence on the internet does not mean companies are updating their culture.

Offices can work under a 1.0 or 2.0, but there are big differences between these two. For example, a 1.0 culture has employees, while a 2.0 company has collaborators; a 1.0 has human resources and a 2.0 has people: under a 1.0 you work a lot, but under a 2.0, you work better.

If you want a second generation company, you need a change bigger than technology, words, and social media presence. A deep transformation of the organizational culture must be done and for this, you must follow these ten laws:

1.- Your collaborators must have access and availability to information. ¡Knowledge must be within the reach of everyone!

2.- Practice equality and give the same importance you give to your bosses to whom serves the food. Were all part of the same machine.

3.- Support those who don’t know. Everyone is capable of learning and progressing.

4.- Let everyone participate, everyone can be the author of next amazing idea for your Company.

5.- Promote communication between personnel. Don’t take hierarchy into consideration. Good ideas come from anywhere.

6.- We’re all part of the same goal. Build good relationships with your collaborators and you’ll see how everyone changes for the better. 

7.- To express yourself is important. Take time to hear out every opinion with the intention of doing something with them. 

8.- Promote a respectful environment. Good communication is only possible if everyone respects and value themselves. 

9.-  Be flexible and dynamic, communication is participative and doesn’t yield to the hierarchy.

10.- Reduce control. Don’t dominate, use leverage. 

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