Personal Branding for Companies

written by Nekki US on July 31, 2017

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It must be one of the biggest challenges of a Company. To ensure all your employees are motivated to face the day, every day. Thanks to personal branding techniques, this corporate longing can be made possible.

What if every employee of a Company on social media were a model of their specialty skill? What if the brand of each and one of them summed up together a big brand? Well, maybe these questions can guide us through the benefits personal branding has towards a Company.

That age-old concept of the employee who only obeys, reaches goals and goes home is slowly being left behind. Today there are more companies who recruit personnel looking for the “put on the t-shirt” compromise: to be motivational agents and passionate in what they do. Even more, to positively share that satisfaction and leave their mark through social media.

That’s why having each employee read up on the concept of personal branding brings many positive results to the Company, on the reduction of the ones that keep that old concept of being one more in the Company.

The ones who dominate personal branding techniques are capable of answering these questions:

-Who am I?

-What do I know?

-What do I do best?

-What do I have to offer?

-What are my personal values?

-How do I communicate them?

A Company will defenitely prefer to count with an employee who can answer these questions on the reduction of someone without motivation and insecurity. The first will be vehicles of motivation, knowledge and, why not, a constant inspiration for daily tasks.

If you were Technical Director of a football team, would you put the headlining position on someone who lacks motivation, who doesn’t know how to pass the ball, has no knowledge of the team’s strategy, and who doesn’t know what the term ‘put on the t-shirt”, entails? Probably not.

Soccer is a very good example of personal branding for Companies, as the big teams have models who are actual idols, but nonetheless, leave behind that status for thei abilities in hindsight of the team, the goal and be champions.

We can sum up the benefits of personal branding for Companies on these aspects:

-Motivated employees

-Entrepenurial Attitude

-Positive communicators of the brand

-Take actions with the Company’s success in mind

-Are conscious of the brand’s value

-Commited to bring the best service 

If you want a Personal Branding consultation, for your Company, you only have to contact us: and we’ll bring you the consultation you need for your business.



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