Long live the GIF!

written by Nekki US on August 17, 2017


It has more than 25 years and today it gains momentum on social media. Its simplicity and ease of use to be shared, makes it one of the most effective resources on a digital strategy. It’s the GIF, which is brands know how to use it, can bring many good results. 

Who hasn’t shared a GIF on social media? I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed one, independently of those that went viral more recently like, cats or #ConfusedTravola, which already has hundreds of versions utilizing timely meditative situations. So, why does the GIF (Graphics Interchagne Format) . which has more than 25 years since its creation, has become today one of the most effective digital resources when it comes to generating content? Well, many factors can explain that anomaly:

1.- It’s a simple resource, attractive, and although the videos aren’t high quality, they’re proven to be very effective.

2.- They’re possible to modify with informative context, relating with users.

3.- For brands, they allow communication between them and their clients to appeal more and stand out. Without a doubt, gifs strenghten the emotional connection between the emiter and the receptor. 

4.- ¡Surprise! They break down the post and image scheme. A good GIF attracts and enables fast sharing.

5.- They’re easy to use on multiple social media,  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr (where GIF’s actually started to viralize). However, they’re also very practical to use on -EMail Marketing, making it more attractive and strenghtening content.

6.- Brands can show their processes or products in seconds, in an attractive and efficient way to build loyalty with clients. 

The GIF phenomenon is here to stay. It has even begun to be perfected, animated content resembling a true animated work of art, where the slogan would seem to be ” A small instant of movement, a big moment of happiness” Long live the GIF!

If you want to utilize tools like this one on your social media, contact us and lets make a together better social strategy! Write to us at the e-mail info@nekki.us 

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