In order to improve your Internal Comms Strategy, ask yourself these

written by Nekki US on July 21, 2017

Ok. We’ve talked about the importance of incorporating fun into work. How innovation and increased benefits results as employee engagement and motivation to work.

What about internal communications? It’s not just about referring to the secluded Human Resources Department. Today Internal Communications strategy is evolving and becoming more sophisticated. How do Companies create a long lasting, effective internal communications for themselves? How do you know your team is heading in the right direction? With every change intended, analytics must come first. So, today we’re going to start by asking some key questions that will get any CEO or Head of Department a guide into their Company’s inner-relations.

Let’s start:

  • Do you send internal emails? How is the quality of those emails?Just because information is staying within the company doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be catered to the company. Employ a strong editing and design team that will understand the company culture and communicate effectively with the different departments
  • Are employees engaged and active? Do they show an interest for information, update or changes? Are they interested in what’s going on at the Company other than their jobs?Having effective internal communications doesn’t mean doing the work. Being immersed in the Company, in its development and most importantly, wanting to contribute and voice their opinions is.
  • Are you measuring?You never know what the team is feeling unless you actually ask them. Surveys, suggestion boxes or just plain finding the time to establish some one on ones with them or segmented by department is a sure way to get honest feedback.
  • Is your record retention on internal communications organized?This is an essential question to ensure you or your employees will be able to access information fast and easy, thus preventing a possible obstacle to access that information.
  • Do you have a specific messaging and communication platform for your internal communication?Always make sure information is being channeled to one main, integrated platform for that easy access. There are very useful platforms like Slack or LinkedIn Chat enable communication amongst employees on platforms used mainly for professional purposes.

How did you answer? Next week we’ll talk about how and when to implement changes once we have this information.

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