How to use the “Like” button in your favor?

written by Nekki US on September 12, 2017

The popular “like”, a thumbs up symbol, a heart or a smiling face, are actually the vehicles that lead brands and digital strategies. Next up Nekki Communications shows you how to get those sought after “likes” and how to make the most of them. 

Social Media has changed the way brands interact with their clients. The popularity reached by networks such as Facebook and Instagram have transformed companies way of communicating.

A study done by the Lubar School of Business shows how the ”liking culture” has changed it all: the way consumers communicate, how do they respond to messages sent by brands, how to shop and the way that influences everybody else. Hearts and thumbs have helped brands get known, acquire status and even raise up their sales a few bars. Of all this, we get the know the key to being successful: Giving consumers what they want. 

We have to understand, before anything, that what people really want in a space where their friends, family and wants are present is the following two:

1.- Content that will make them look good amongst their followers. 

2.-Content that will offer something useful for their network of contacts.

So, what to do to win that coveted ”like”? These are our 3 key answers:


1.- Create specific messages for each social media you’ll publish on. Users are on a specific social network for a reason and they want to see content made for that platform. 

2.- As with love, you have to be useful. We must understand it is not in our hands to tell the consumer what to do; likes or hearts must be given spontaneously.

3.-Give digital content the importance it deserves. Not having a Facebook or Twitter page just because other brands have it, is not an excuse. Use it to have closeness and good communication with users.

Once you’re getting those thumbs up what’s left is that you make the most of it. Creating new content, this will be shared and the web will slowly get filled with your brand. You have to take seriously how you want the world to see you. Good use of social media can allow the positioning that outside of it would be impossible.

In Nekki Communications we have experience and love for social media. If you want us to help you with your projects and ideas don’t hesitate on contacting us. Send us a message at or check up all of our services in Let’s build digital strategies together!




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