Digital v/s traditional: Who wins?

written by Nekki US on September 1, 2017


A study done by the Complutense University of Madrid says that since 2013 European companies have expanded their communication departments on more than 70%, all in digital platforms and social media. Why is this phenomenon happening? and Why digital is the only one growing, not traditional? The answer is next:

The internet phenomenon has changed the way companies communicate with their clients, traditional press releases or radial notes are having less importance, while tools like Twitter and Facebook have become more and more important.

All of this doesn’t mean companies are spending more or less money in communications, but the resources are distributed differently, contributing financially to digital strategies, which means  paying for publicity on the internet, promoting publishing on social media and taking on community managers and communication experts 2.0

But the question stays the same, Why online over offline? There are four key elements to understand this:

1.- Usefulness: CHecking up our email or social media has become a habit of everyone, even though there’s no new information on our profiles. Taking this in consideration, it’s probable that information will reach our public digitally. Adding up the declining response traditional media continue to have, is easy to decide where we’ll focus on.

2.- Immediate Response: With likes, hearts, and comments we have an immediate response by our client, which set up the road about the subject or strategies we like or not. With traditional media, the process is longer, as we have to way until publication is out, see the response, elaborate an analysis and other steps that would take much more time than reading the comments on Facebook or any other social media.

3.- Professionals: Professionals on social media or digital strategies companies can hire and elaborate a plan that will benefit our brand substantially without having to depend on traditional communication chiefs.

4.- Cost: For 15 thousand monthly, a good promotion of your Facebook fan page can be done and get many followers and hearts. If we compare how much a central page would cost on traditional mediums, it’s easy to figure out which one will be beneficial for us.

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