Digital Marketing: Donald Trump’s Golden Tool

written by Nekki US on August 20, 2017


He wins supporters and haters. But the truth is that Donald Trump exemplifies the new way to make politics. There, in social media, in constant dialogue with users-citizens-voters. In agreement or not with his ideas, he’s a serious candidate to reach the White House, with his star weapon, digital political marketing. 

Donald Trump, current candidate for the United States presidency is a clear example of how traditional political command installed in central headquarters has moved his strategy to the digital world through social media.

Clever and in accord with the times, and pulling out lessons from 2008’s successful campaign of the current president Barack Obama, is who’s constantly generating content, something that every candidate, without a doubt, wishes to have.

Humor? Charisma? Controversy? What makes him lead social media? Let’s do the following analysis exercise:

Millions of devices, millions of data: Thanks to geolocation, is possible to know what citizens in a specific place think or what people from specific religious, political and economic groups think in front of a candidate’s proposal; this way the more content you send the bigger the voters potential data is and also the data to know the level of detractors. Example: Use of Twitter.

trump twitter


Generate debate: Of the traditional mouth to mouth of political communication, we pass to the constant social media debate, and why not? From WhatsApp to WhatsApp, memes are multiplied by the thousands. Trump knows very well his objective is to be present. Someone will convince himself of his program, will be loyal to his following and a percentage of doubters will be convinced.


New resources! In lieu of traditional press messages on radio or television, Trump turns to youtube videos that go viral on facebook, twitter and other platforms. Probably we’ll have infographics about his government plan with more controversies and slogan.




It goes viral! Your phrases only have one logic. To make noise and trend constantly. Again, he fosters loyalty amongst his followers and looks to capture doubters, challenging his opponents. There are no doubts, showing himself just as he is with spontaneity aids him to go viral!


Personal Branding: He shows his bio on each speech, what he’s done, who he is and makes his aspirations clear. He resorts to emotion, gets close to his followers on social media (especially on Twitter) and shows himself rude to his opponents. He says to the user-citizen-voter I’m Donald Trump and I want to be president of the United States of North America!

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