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written by Nekki US on August 23, 2017

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Making changes in a Company for better results is not a day to the next task. On the contrary, steps, vision, plans, leadership, work groups, compromise, perseverance, motivation and most of all, effective communication is needed.

From the book “Leading Change. Why transformative efforts fail” by John P Kotter, where the author identifies their steps to transform a company, is possible to identify how communication is fundamental in each step and here at Nekki we wanted to share it with you:  shares with its readers:

Establish a sense of urgency: At some point, one or more people, members of a work team analyze quick opportunities or possible crisis situations than motivating transformations within a Company so that a real conscience of plausible crisis situations exist of possible, in order to motivate transformations within the company. For a real conscience and cooperation for change exist, communication must exist that allows knowledge and concrete action to tackle them.

Establish a powerful driving group: Who leads transformations in the Company (be them three, four or any number of people) must be capable to share evaluations, identify problems and opportunities with whom the Company counts on, and must be capable of confronting a team of trust with fluid communication. Who doesn’t succeed in creating a powerful coalition by lack of these aspects (lack of trust or communication) will struggle to meet their objectives.

Create a vision: A vision helps clarify the direction your organization wants to move to. It must be easy to communicate to clients, as well as to providers and employees. If you take more than 5 minutes to explain the “vision”, that means there’s still not enough clarity with respect where you want to head to.

Communicate the vision: Executives with good communication incorporate messages on daily routines. Each transformation must be tackled with the vision in mind, in the way its problem is analyzed as well as its solution. How about using a communication channel? No, all of them are important and everyone must be utilized according to their characteristics. More importantly, what’s communicated must be accompanied by the fact, so that your dialogue will be more convincing, as well as the process of change.

Authorize others to act on that vision: Successful transformations involve active preparation amongst employees. From the driving coalition communication that allows more members of an organization be capable of taking action must exist and voice that vision. Effective communication will allow knowing the real level of compromise towards those changes.

Plan short terms successes: It’s important to know the success you’ll acquire during the change are part of the process and not final objectives. Those successes contribute to motivating and the tangible proof of change happening. So, communicating that vision by way of the objectives and not instead fall asleep on those short term successes is fundamental.

Consolidate progress and produce even more change: Don’t sing victory beforehand. Have restraint on successes reached and never announce the battle of change has won. Settling and those that refuse transformations can show up and throw away all progress. It’s only when those changes are fundamentally rooted on the Company you’ll be able to communicate victory.

Institutionalize new approaches: Once the presence of change is apparent on the companies DNA, for example, “This is how we do things here”; then, communication that confirms those transformations must exist; be it a new employee, to the community, the media, etcetera. “To help people see correct connections requires communication.” Transformations must be recognized as well and applied by everyone. A new generation with higher responsibilities must be convinced of such, for, on the contrary, that could ruin the advances reached. For this, constant and effective internal communication will be the real presence of those changes.

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