All you say without even opening your mouth!

written by Nekki US on August 28, 2017





Everything communicates. We are communicating all the time, even if our mouths are closed. A corporate action can say much more than words and knowing what our body, gestures, and expressions communicate is fundamental. Read on for some helpful tips. 

Did you know that more than 55% of our messages are composed by body language? This is something we don’t consider most of the time when it comes to preparing a successful plan during a meeting. Surely, because we emphasize what to say rather than other aspects of communication, decisive to get the persuasion needed.

Read these six tips and put them into practice: 

1.- Pay attention and concentrate!Never show your bored (no matter how long or tedious the meeting is) so, don’t yawn nor look constantly at the time. These gestures only show you want to leave soon and you’re not paying attention to the receivers. Plus it would seem as if the point of the conversation is not as relevant for you. If you’re sitting and feeling sleepy, don’t fall off the chair!

2.- Don’t touch your face! Or your neck, nor other part of your body. No matter how much this may be a nervous gesture, it can be interpreted as insecurity and dishonesty, taking away strength from your speech. Don’t think about touching your lips and much less chew gum!

3.- Folding your arms? Never! This is a gesture considered as a sign of hiding, protection, insecurity, and hostility. If, for some motive you do it, make sure your hands are visible. Never hide them!

4.- Don’t recline on the chair! If you sit, maintain good posture. Never as if you’re lounging on a beach chair. This will only show an excess of comfort, which is not good, and bad education.

5.- Never walk defeated! It is said the first five seconds of interaction are of vital importance so, if you arrive at the meeting with defeated arms and a sad and tired appearance, you’ll project just that. Good posture creates trust and motivation.

6.- Don’t lower your eyes! If you lower your eyes too much while you’re talking, this can also be interpreted as dishonesty.


Next time you have a meeting or job interview, remember these tips. They will help you. We can consult you at Nekki. Contact us at, or visit our website to know out sucess cases: 











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