5 tips so they love your website

written by Nekki US on July 26, 2017



In the digital world, the way our website can have effects on future purchases, how our clients perceive the business or on establishing long term relationships to develop new projects.

In spite of what was taught to us about not judging a book by its cover, in the digital world our first presentation is the first -and sometimes the last- they have of us in our website.

That’s why its important to leave this “first impression in the hands of experts of our business and shine the way we ought to.

Tips that will make them love you:

1. Define clearly the opportunities for implementation of your site, which are its functionalities and its objective

2. Create a place with your future clients in mind. What are they looking from you? Will they find your information clearly and quickly? If you don’t think on what those potential clients are looking for maybe you’ll develop a website that will loose them.

3. Choose a clean graphic, modern and in line with your heading. The biggest advice we give in Nekki Communications is that along with the corporate colors of your brand with the web site will be aligned and reflect what the industry delivers.

4. Use impact images. The website has to give the backup to use photographs of your products or services that will impact and stay in the visitors memories.

5. Create a responsive site. This means you won’t lose potential clients that use movil. They’ll see everything you offer across a website that’s 100% navigateable on all devices.

Remember to ask yourself these questions before going through these five tips:

¿What characteristics I want for my website?

¿How I want my products / services to look like?

¿What my competitors are doing good and how I can imitate this? Don’t reinvent the wheel.

If you’re looking to make an impression in the digital world and you prefer to leave this great project in hasnd of experts, contact us. In Nekki Communications we create various websites for specific audiences in mind. Check out some of our client’s work:

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