5 key rules to convince in business

written by Nekki US on August 31, 2017


Good communication can open up multiple opportunities in the world of business. Attitude, discipline, learning and constant practice are fundamental to reach your objectives. Nonetheless, there are many techniques worth noting to win over your clients.

The ability to converse, to chat is one of our greatest capabilities, but we don’t always understand the process of dialogue. Would you imagine if we’d have real control of the communicative act and the power of language? Well, the benefits for the various areas of our lives will be great.

That’s why Nekki Communications gifts you some tips specially destined to be applied to your client relationships.

1.-Commitment and consequences: Having to know your clients or whoever you want to reach can seem an obvious idea in business; but we can even delve deeper and really get to know their habits, their point of views, what do they look for when they buy? Quality? Style? Design?  We can then apply personalized plans of action that go according to them and their commitment to their preferences.

2.- Public approval: Whether we want to recognize it or not, we are influenced by other peoples actions. “I’m going to Lollapalooza, because is cool and all my friends are going!” That’s influence. Phrases like Thousands of people already choose us! Our client base backs up years of professionalism!” Phrases like these can help back up our speech for a client.

3.- Emphaty!: Who do you think will fare better in a business meeting, someone who’s ungroomed, with a sour and distrustful face or someone with the right presence and appearance, with a positive attitude and exuding confidence. Attraction (or the feeling of it), similitudes (pointing out the same tastes) and compliments (positive comments about someone) should be a combined for a successful persuasion.

4.- Value of authority: We are ready for what our thought leaders say, so it’s important to have our faces be symbols for the intention of our products, for example, a picture of a famous athlete with the brand? Or say, ”that actress has been our loyal client for many years…” This is the importance of social influencers!

5.- The principle of scarcity: Last days of promotion! A good strategy to finalize the deal is to generate urgency by emphasizing the opportunity that will risk being lost. If you don’t believe this, go to the nearest bus terminal and you’ll hear, the last tickets are ending! 

We hope you like these tips, and you try them, put them to use and share them. If you want to put together your communications plan, don’t hesitate to contact us at:info@nekki.cl, or visit our website to know more about our sucess cases: www.nekki.cl


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