3 errors you must not make in the digital world

written by Nekki US on July 18, 2017

3 errors you must not make in the digital world

written by nekki on February 9th, 2016

There are plenty of Companies that have yet to integrate themselves in the digital world; some for being so traditional, others because they don’t believe in its importance and others because they simply haven’t asked themselves if they should or shouldn’t be on the internet. Whatever the reason, they’re all already at a disadvantage since the internet is redefining the world. 

Next up we have which are the three biggest mistakes Companies are making:

Not utilizing social media: Lack of presence on Facebook, Twitter or another social media account poses a big problem. Why? Well, currently users search information and their favorite brands on the internet. Newspapers and telephone books have become obsolete. If you want people to find you fast and easy, you should have an account on any of the social platforms available.

Missing the mark on E-mail Marketing: E-mail marketing can be very useful if you know how to use it, but it can also become unpleasant if abused. An e-mail a week is the maximum quota a brand should send its subscribers. If not, they run the chance of being branded as spam and get blocked by trusted clients, or worse, get bored of you. The complete opposite what we want.

Thinking anyone can manage your digital platforms: Many managers and head of departments think they can take care of internet accounts. They think is a thing of sending out a couple of posts a week and that’ll guarantee them assured success. The reality is a little bit harsher, since attracting an internet audience to your specific domain by way of social media is a complete challenge. There are professionals trained to manage social media effectively and everyone should take them into consideration, as they’re trained to achieve your goals of sales and traffic.

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